Laura Pouppeville
Solo shows + residencies

Nothing else but my body and the water

A little bit of each on the table

The edges are fraying

Saying I was silent, a space for isolated speech

And Saying I was silent, a space for isolated speech

A rug for the new school

13 preaching sign

Installations + performances

Our beloved view

The waiting, the meal, the rest

It digs and fills, they said


Ten by ten, time rolls within us

How to immigrate well to get off to a good start together
in the same land

Fourth celebration

The good deal



Illico legacy


Chains of love

Audiovisual landscapes


The next door

The grey water glistens and the orange lacquer crosses it

My subjects are mundane,
barely noticeable realities in the uninterrupted flow of life. These simple gestures, these gentle obsessions that we adopt to cope with life, represent for me a strategy without ambition or long-term vision but yet essential to the pursuit of everyday life. Taking care, avoiding, hoping, reassuring, loving—these are what quietly keep us going and keep us close to others.

In this delicate balance between the insignificant and the essential, I use accumulation, reframing, and scaling to highlight the spectacle of banality and uphold the event as something that occurs without disrupting the course of things. Whether they simulate the ordinary or distract the attention, my devices come to life through the deliberate or fortuitous engagement of other people and form an integral part of the final work. Consequently, the stories I exhibit take various forms including videos, installations, performances, publications, meals, invitations to write or speak to me, or even workshops for making objects.
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